About the label


FAE NUIT is a high-end fashion label established in 2020 by founder Claire Olivia Delfsma. She started the brand from a great adoration for big warm fur coats in the winter season, in which she wants to create an alternative that would remain completely cruelty-free. The labels aesthetic is elegance and luxury, with a touch of casual and femininity. Our collection, consisting of high-quality essentials for women, is a reflection of strength and nature, for you who want to stand out from others. The FAE NUIT collection is handmade by a family-run workshop in France and Portugal. Purely made off the best quality materials to equal the look, volume, and enveloping feeling of fur.

Innovation and dedication to environmental protection and social responsibility are central to FAE NUIT, where the label wants to make a positive contribution to the fashion industry (read more about sustainability). The label stands for the combination of transparency, honesty, and authenticity (read more about transparency).

“I started FAE NUIT with heart and soul, and I hope you will love it as much as I do.” – Claire Olivia.


[Fee Nú-it] The name of the label stands for the magic of the night. This is inspired by the adoration of watching the stars at night and the power of the moon. The word Fae is a form of the old French Foy, meaning ‘faith’. Noun nuit, French for night.