How to take care of your faux fur coat?

When you receive your product make sure to take out of the package softly shake it a little to remove loose hairs and put it on a broad padded hanger. Give it enough space so it does not get crushed by other clothing and do not fold it.

How to clean my faux fur coat?

The coats should be cleaned professionally by a dry cleaner, who is experienced in maintaining the quality of the faux fur. If the coat gets wet, make sure to shake the water off and leave it out to dry overnight in the open air.

Where do you ship to?

We are shipping worldwide

How long will my order take?

The estimated delivery depends on the destination but proximity will take between 2-20 working days. Pre-order orders will be shipped after the day in accordance with the given date under the product.

Why have I received an email saying the item I have ordered is out of stock?

If you receive an e-mail about the product is out of stock, we truly apologize and are happy to help you find a solution. We keep our collections exclusive, and for this reason, our stock is limited. We offer the option to pre-order, in which you can be sure of receiving your items.

What is your return policy?

You can return your product(s) within 14 days if they are not on sale. If you have questions about how to handle your return, please read our returns & exchange page in the menu below.

Return cost?

The customer is responsible for the return costs. We are able to help you buy a label, so you can send your package to us. FAE NUIT does not buy the return label for you, only advise.

When can I expect to hear back about my return?

As soon as we received the product(s) we will let you know. It could take up to 10 working days before receiving your money on your account.